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Stepping Stones Ministry is a non-denominational team officiating services to anyone regardless of church affiliation or identification. We provide “all stage of life services”, weddings, baby naming & christenings, including renewal of vows, house and pet blessings, prayer services for terminally ill and Memorial Services. We also provide blessings and healing ceremonies for newly separated or divorced individuals.

Let us solve your ceremonial concerns as a team of the most sought after Christian and Spiritual officiants.

We service the Greater Toronto area, however, local includes all of the Halton, Peel and Caledon regions. Outside the local area a small travel fee applies.


Traditional & Contemporary Ceremonies

Whether you dream of a traditional or contemporary ceremony, we will help you create your own unique memorable wedding service. We embrace a wide variety of faith communities and theological positions. Your wedding can be entirely secular or include any degree of spirituality.

Non-denominational does not mean devoid of any spirituality, it means that we are not “stuck” on any particular denominational way of doing things.

Our Commitment to You

  • your ceremony will be conducted with warmth, professionalism and grace
  • first-class personalized service
  • wedding ceremonies from civil to highly religious
  • create your own specific and personalized wedding ceremony
  • offer ongoing consultation support and availability
  • client satisfaction

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Affordable Weddings

Competitive and Reasonable Fees

  • $495plus tax
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  • $125plus tax
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Freqently Asked Questions

Payment of Fees & Special rates?

Most couples will have paid by cheque deposit upon reserving their date and the balance is paid on the day of the wedding. Please have the best man provide me an envelope discretely after the ceremony. We do accept e-transfers and PayPal.

Special rates apply for Monday-Thursday ceremonies. The fee includes planning the details of the ceremony in person and any questions you may have. This fees does not include rehearsals.

What is your cancellation policy?

Half of the total fees are refundable if you let me know within 30 days of the booked date. Many weddings are booked one years in advance. Your deposit of half the fees reserves that date and time for you and on one else. If you need to cancel your wedding there are always really good underlying reasons for doing so.

Attire & After Ceremony?

Normally I will wear my classics black suit however, if requested I would wear my regular roman collar for religious services.

I am not in a rush and will remain for a short period of time as sometimes the wedding party asks for a group photo and I will remain for that. Shortly thereafter I will just discretely leave.

What is the length of time for the ceremony?

The length of the ceremony is about 20 minutes, not including the entrance and recessional. It is important that the start time be prompt because if for some reason the time gets changed or there are a series of late comers, it could affect other ceremonies as well as your own. I have suggested to couples in the past, that in the invitation you state the time of the wedding to be a half hour prior to your actual start time. I will be there also about a half hour ahead of time to do the paper work, if not already done and to meet up with the principles.

Do you do rehearsals?

Rehearsal are performed during the week Monday – Thursday. Keep in mind the ceremony I send you via e-mail will be very detailed which include where to stand, who comes up when what is said and what you need to do. If after reviewing the information provided and you feel a rehearsal is need please contact me to schedule.

Home Weddings & Writing Vows?

Home weddings are great and in years to come will be fondly remembered as the place you got married. Some of my best weddings have been located at a home/garden that is meaningful to the couple. I would always encourage home and garden weddings if your numbers are on the small side.

There are no restrictions if you want to write your own vows.

Justice of the Peace & Witnesses?

A Justice of the Peace is an officer and employee of the Government and the weddings are usually done in the court house or city hall. Our services can be done anywhere and the ceremony is far more detailed and personable.

I will need two witnesses and the law requires they are over 18, sober and present during the entire ceremony. If you have others wishing to witness, such as children of the couple, they can sign a document known as the record of Solemnization. They can come up during the signing and I will include them.

Photography, Music, Microphone?

An experienced officiant knows the “shots” that are needed so I make sure I place the couple during the ceremony so that the photographer get the right shots without any awkward moments.

If you have someone that will be playing music I will always “touch-base” with them at the start of the service to coordinate details of the ceremony.

I don’t require a microphone, my voice does carry well, however if there are many guests you may consider a microphone. I have found the use of a microphone spoils the intimacy for the couple.

Marriage courses?

There is no required marriage course as you would typically find in many denominational churches, however, you are still encouraged to seek information that will assist you in a compatible marriage. During the ceremony, I do speak regarding the importance of a couple working together for the common good and also on the importance of faithfulness to the well-being of the union. Most of the couples these days are already cohabitating so I can only assume most of the “early marriage” issues have already been addressed.

Do you do Hand-fasting?

Yes, Hand-fasting is popular with people who would like an alternative to a traditional wedding ceremony.

Other Ceremonies

Special Life Occasions

Vows & Renewals

These are special occasions when a couple so deeply in love would like to bear witness to others the success of their life together and share their joy with family and friends. It serves as a testimony to the magic of keeping a relationship together over many years despite likely many hardships and trials. Robert will conduct a meaningful service for your loved one and encourage others to renew the faith in the benefit of a good marriage. In many ways a renewal of wedding vows around the 25th year serves by example to the children of the couple valuable lessons that are an investment in their future.

House & Pet Blessings

A house blessing is a beautiful gift for a family moving into their new home or be something desired by the family. It is important to cleanse the home of any unwanted entities and unwanted energy. The blessing ceremony can be semi-religious or include a more religious theme depending on the owners. The well-being of the occupants of a home can be greatly improved by a proper house cleansing and blessing.

A house blessing usually takes about 20 minutes not including the sprinkling of Holy Water in all the four corners of the house and also the four corners of the property. Any number of people can participate in the service.

Pet blessings are a spiritual celebration to honor our loyal companions who love us unconditionally. The ceremony is normally held at a house, although it can take place anywhere.

Funerals & Memorials

We provide funeral/memorial services to families with no particular church affiliations. Our services range from semi-religious to highly spiritual in nature, dedicated to families that no longer require the traditional church observance rituals. Let us lead a service filled with meaningful prayer, compassionate and relevant words.

Baby Naming & Christenings

The arrival of a new baby is the most wonderful even in a family. This arrival is made more special by the ceremonies held to welcome the child to family and friends. We have some beautiful services both religious and non-religious and has lots of ideas that will make your guests feel involved.

Who We Are

The Stepping Stones Ministry Team

Stepping Stones Ministry


Christian Services

Robert Mayer is an ordained inter-faith, non-denominational Christian minister and the founder of “Stepping Stones Ministry”. He is a licensed wedding chaplain in the Province of Ontario, a graduate from the St. Augustine’s Catholic seminary in lay Pastor services, member of a Funeral advisory society, member of the Ontario Chaplains’ society and an active member in his own faith community.


Spiritual Services

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